Mellie most yellow (gustorosso) wrote in breast_implants,
Mellie most yellow

1 week post op!!!!

I'm one week post op for my breast augmentation. I'm really happy with them. The Dr. did a great job and even though I could do without some of the pain I feel good for one week after. I went from an A to a C and am happy with the size. Had it been fully my choice, I would have gone a tad bigger but he would not go any bigger than 350cc which is pretty amazing considering. Most doctors seem to go a lot bigger than that but he likes to keep the natural look. They do look like a natural size. I still feel like they are up to my neck since they havent dropped yet and wont for a little while but hey, fully perky is great, right? :) I need to take some photos to post. Another happy customer! :)

Started with 34AA
Ending with 34C (lower/middle c)
Silicone, Under Muscle
325cc Left, 350cc Right
Dr. Bauer, Alpharetta, GA
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